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 RR Ranks, how making the difference between members.

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PostSubject: RR Ranks, how making the difference between members.   Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:41 pm

Here are the RR ranks, thanks to that visual example, you will be able to make the difference between members,on the server. Not difficult, the RR tag is the same for all, but you will notice a little difference.

Example :

Here you can see a RR tag with the colors of the clan. Only the apostrophe at the end of the name explains the rank of the member :

If you see a RED apostrophe (as for example above) : this is RR Leaders.
If you see a BLACK apostrophe : this is RR Moderators Soldiers.
If you see a WHITE apostrophe : this is RR Soldiers.
If you see TWO WHITE apostrophes : this is RR Special Soldiers *

* Special soldiers integrate the clan after discussions between leaders only. They represent a special case, they are allowed to wear RR tag. They have no difference with RR soldiers, special means they had had an exceptionnal derogation to join us. For each case, we will have serious reflexions.
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RR Ranks, how making the difference between members.
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