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PostSubject: RULES ABOUT THE FORUM   Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:52 pm

Read all these rules,concerning our forum. You have to respect all of them,each time you come here. If you don't respect, you just might get banned.We thank you for your comprehension.

1 - Respect the community. No bad words,no bad allusions, no threats, no racism.

2 - Inside forums, no fights! This is an active and calm forum. If you are there to fight or if you come to be negative,and not

constructive, you might get kicked,banned.

3 - Please post the right topics in their proper place. Don't hesitate to alert an admin if you think a post isn't in the right place.
Its possible for us to move it.

4 - Spamming is totally forbidden. It s another reason for us to ban you.

5 - Hacking won't be tolerated. Try, first you will be banned,and we will report your ip adress to the proper authority.

6 - Avoid to post two consecutive posts. Just use the EDIT button.

7 - Make an effort to write something coherent. Nothing intelligent to write? Then don't write.

8 - First langage is ENGLISH. No other langages. If you want to communicate with your own langage, do it thanks to PM function.

9 - We can help you whenever it's possible,but call the admins team only when it's necessary.

10 - No double instagib clanning! If you are a RR member,you can't be a member for another clan who also plays instagib game !

(the management)
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