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 How to proceed ?

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PostSubject: How to proceed ?   Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:40 pm

To join us, please respect these rules strictly :

1- You have to post a new topic called "RR ACCESS-(your name)"
Any other topic please!

2- Copy and Paste it in your topic :

* How old are you?->
* Where are you from?->
* What is your first langage?->
* Other langage (s) do you know?->
* Precize why do you want join RR->
* How long have you been playing RR server?->
* Have you ever been in other clans before? Are you in another clan now? if so,please precize->
* Did you understand all our rules?->
* Imagine two new rules that can be good for RR->
* Why you and not another outsider for RR?->
* Do you think any current RR members can give you their approval?->

3- You need 4 Approbations to be accepted in the Red Ribbon Army.

Members who give approbations or not, please reply like that :

If your decision is positive : APPROVED (and develop your reason (s) after)
If your decision is negative : DISAPPROVED (and develop your reason (s) after)

4- Of course,you have to answer near to each question.

5- Play on RR server and participate on the forum, we have to know you!

6- Getting a RR tag implies that you have to be moreless active, that means animating the server, participating on the forum, keeping a vigilant eye on the server if you have soldier rank, and moderating if you are admin. Not being active for a long time can provocate your revocation.

(the management)

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How to proceed ?
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