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 Our Moderation's Policy ( Essentialy for RR server)

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PostSubject: Our Moderation's Policy ( Essentialy for RR server)   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:08 pm

Taking decisions to preserve and protect our server isn' t so easy to do.
In order to be transparent with all players who chose RR to play, here is the list of different steps to have a good moderation.

We try to applicate all that as good as we can, when we feel it' snecessary.

Read the forum Regulations , topic : about the server , and you willimmediately understand what kind of behaviors can obliged us to use the five moderation ' s tools we have.

Of course, as you, we stay human, sometimes we can be wrong.

That's why , in the worst of cases, someone who have been banned can contest, (in the right forum : Contest your ban) we will always answer and try to solve the problem if the proofs are justified.

The five levels before getting a ban :

1 - The WARNING. (by private or public messages,two or three times max)

2 - The SLAP. (as long as necessary til the player concerned stops)

3 - The KICK. (out from the server)

4 - The TEMPBAN. (the duration of the ban is fixed by the admin. It depends to the motivation)

5- The BAN *. ( the ban is the following of the temp ban, and it's permanent)

* : the ban can also be applicated to the forum , if a registered user doesn't respect strictly forum's rules. (read forum regulations, topic : about the forum)
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Our Moderation's Policy ( Essentialy for RR server)
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